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 Best Defence Setup

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In order for us to effectively defend you, you must have a couple things in place:
1) Static defense settings
2) Gear
1) Static defense setting -
Make sure to ALWAYS leave your defenses on the big slider to 1-1-98. You can switch side to side from time to time to throw off our attackers. On the outer sections put your melee percent up to around %70, +/-%5, with rest ranged. Make sure to have at least 4 tools in each slot (12 is better, 20 is fantastic), all wall tools (stone, tar pitch, machicolations). NO ranged tools (fire arrow, bulwark or arrow slit).
Same for moat tools on the outer flanks, at least 4 in each slot.
You do not have to keep tools in the 1% sections.
2) Gear -
A least minimum have a combined melee/ranged defense boost of at least 90 for us to defend. The max you can have is 180, so asking you to cover half is not that much to ask for. We simply cannot afford to lose 3,ooo defenders in war time at a poorly or non-equipped castellan location.
Do the leg work, farm the gear. Make us stronger by making yourself stronger.
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Best Defence Setup
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