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 Alliance rules

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Alliance rules

1) The Alliance:
We are the Great Kings Empire (GK Empire) and we are a wing of the HIVE. While we have our own rules, but first and foremost we are subject to our parent alliance. We are loyal and true to our support to the side.

Our motto is: One for all and all for one!

Please act!

2) Level Up :
All members commit themselves to their castles always to increase with better buildings and walls, as well as better gear. Similarly, all must work constantly to always have enough soldiers in their castles, which must also be improved.

3) Communication:
Communication is desirable, but in some cases not absolutely necessary. Everyone is of course free to chat in the game as well in the forum. Also, everyone is itself free to use other means of communication, such as Skype, TS3, facebook, twitter or other.

4) Forum:
For better and faster coordination of struggles and also to better understand and dissemination of information , all members have to sign up to our forums. Everyone is welcome to the forum to say and to ask questions. All this will help to make the game and also this forum more effective the alliance.

5) Trade :
It is important to have a lively Resource transfer between the castle. Remember, it's always better when a low leveled player is strengthened by resources from others. This strengthens not only him, but the whole alliance.

6) Rubies :
It is necessary that each Member shall provide a weekly donation of 50 rubies. There are no limits as to who have donated more in a week, as it can't rest on the next week with their donation . At very high donations this governs our guide . Rubies can be gained by attacking RBC and Towers in other worlds.

7 ) Activity:
Be online every day and as often as possible . Please If this is not possible once , give the information about it to board. If anyone is found offline for more than a week without any information to the board then he will be kicked.

8 ) Instructions:
Please follow the instructions of the leaders and try to implement them in the game. Kindly write your questions or doubts in FORUM under MEMBER'S COLUMN . Help each other and thus to serve the whole alliance and strengthen them.

9) Battles:
Everyone is compulsory to participate in mass battles or acts of war as often as possible. Please if this should fail to be the case, for example, for lack of troops or illness, give the information to board. Please follow paralell to the releases of our leadership and the forum, since there the latest news and coordinates are always managed.

10) Behavior:
The last thing we want to point out:


but with real people from different countries and with very different cultures. Therefore we punish all forms of discrimination. Insults religious, political or other convictions are not permitted. Please do always friendly in dealing with other players, even with our enemies. Enjoy the game and have fun.

happy hunting
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Alliance rules
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